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Services dedicated to the Horeca sector

Active in southern Brussels and northern Walloon Brabant, La Vidange Loiseau serves professionals in the Horeca sector. Cleaning grease separators, emptying various installations and unblocking pipes are among the services offered by this specialist company.

Professional grease separators

With nearly 60 years of experience, La Vidange Loiseau offers its services to restaurants, industrial kitchens and other establishments in the hospitality and catering sector.

With all the necessary certificates, its expert teams can clean and empty professional grease separators of any size. Using appropriate equipment, they empty and clean grease separators with a system that projects high-pressure water and sucks up rubbish and dirt.

This optimises the operation of the grease remover, extends its lifetime and maximises safety.

Need our services ?
Contact us on 02 410 21 54 or via info@lavidangeloiseau.be

Tank emptying

La Vidange Loiseau can also clean and pump installations such as septic tanks or rainwater tanks. Equipped with small and large trucks, the company can take care of any installation, regardless of its size or the layout of the site.

For greater peace of mind, choose a subscription package in which the tank is emptied at predefined intervals. This option ensures your installation is always operational and avoids potential disruption.

Pipe cleaning and unblocking

Do you have a pipe that seems obstructed or blocked ? La Vidange Loiseau is ready to help at a moment's notice, resolving the problem and enabling you to continue your work without disruption.

To avoid reaching the stage of having obstructed or blocked pipes, consider our subscription package. This involves carrying out regular cleaning, clearing and checks on your pipes to keep them in good condition and avoid problems in the future.

Do you have a question or need information ? Contact La Vidange Loiseau by phone or email or by completing the contact form provided. The company's teams will be delighted to inform you !

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