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Cleaning and decommissioning oil tanks.

Founded in 1960, La Vidange Loiseau is always available to its customers for decommissioning and cleaning oil tanks. Its qualified teams of experts offer professional workmanship and a certificate confirming that the work was carried out in line with the standards in force.

Oil tank

Removing and decommissioning oil tanks

Are you switching from an oil heating system to a gas installation and a heat pump? This will involve removing your oil tank from service. The tank must be cleaned and decommissioned by a specialist company with the relevant certification.

With nearly 60 years' experience in the tank empting and drain unblocking sector, La Vidange Loiseau is also available to private and professional customers for cleaning and decommissioning oil tanks.

Holding the authorisations required in all of Belgium's regions, the company's teams operate in total safety and compliance with the rules in force. They serve customers in southern Brussels and northern Walloon Brabant and issue an official certificate when the work is complete.

A high-quality service above all

The way an oil tank is decommissioned depends on the location of your system :

Above-ground oil tank :

The first step is to empty the oil from the tank and transport it safely to the address of your choice in an ADR-approved truck. Next, the teams from La Vidange Loiseau proceed to clean the tank before cutting it up and removing the waste.

Underground oil tank :

An unused underground oil tank must be decommissioned according to the rules to avoid generating pollution and causing risks. It is first emptied (with the option of transporting the oil to a place of your choice) and then deep-cleaned. It is then decommissioned by filling the tank with polyurethane foam.

Once the oil tank has been decommissioned or removed, La Vidange Loiseau issues an official certificate proving that your tank has been removed from service in compliance with the law.

Cleaning your oil tank

Certified and equipped with all the tools necessary, La Vidange Loiseau is also able to clean your oil tank with full respect for the legislation and the environment.

  • Cleaning your oil tank optimises its operation and removes any water and/or dirty that may have got in.
  • The company's expert teams use an ADR approved truck, designed to contain flammable substances, to empty your tank.
  • The contents will be returned to you with minimal loss of fuel.
  • Your tank is then deep-cleaned with appropriate products and a system that sprays high-pressure water and vacuums up dirt.
  • When the tank is clean, the oil is returned to the tank and your heating system benefits once again from optimum operation.
  • La Vidange Loiseau takes care of disposing of dirt and other substances in approved treatment centres and issues an official certificate.

Contact the company by phone or email or by completing the contact form for any information.

Need our services ?
Contact us on 02 410 21 54 or via info@lavidangeloiseau.be

Our area of ​​intervention

La Vidange Loiseau is ready to help private and professional customers in southern Brussels and northern Walloon Brabant :

  • Brussels :
    Auderghem, Brussels (city), Etterbeek, Evere, Forest, Ixelles, Laeken, Schaerbeek, Saint-Gilles, Uccle, Watermael-Boitsfort, Woluwe-Saint-Lambert, Woluwe-Saint-Pierre
  • Walloon Brabant :
    Beauvechain, Braine-l’Alleud, Grez-Doiceau, Jodoigne, La Hulpe, Lasne, Ottignies-Louvain-la-Neuve, Rixensart, Waterloo, Wavre

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