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Drain cleaning and emptying company in Brussels and Walloon Brabant

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La Vidange Loiseau

La Vidange Loiseau since 1960

La Vidange Loiseau was born in 1960 at the initiative of Georges Loiseau. With his truck, he carried out emergency and preventive drain cleaning and emptying work. Over time, the team has expanded, new services have been developed and the equipment has followed evolutions in technology, but the company's core value remains the same. Nearly 60 years later, its ambition is still to offer an exceptional service at all times !

From unclogging a bath, shower or toilet to clearing sewers or inspecting your pipes with a camera, our drainage specialists adapt their techniques to your problems and always resolve them as quickly as possible.

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We operate in southern Brussels (Uccle, Auderghem, Ixelles…) and in Walloon Brabant On behalf of households and the Horeca industry

La Vidange Loiseau

Drain cleaning and emptying and oil tankst

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The experienced professionals who make up the team at La Vidange Loiseau draw on all their skills in professional drain cleaning and emptying on behalf of their clients, taking care to offer high-quality work tailored to their needs.

Under the heading of drain cleaning, the company unblocks pipes, inspects systems with cameras when blockages recur regularly and carries out drain clearing and unclogging.

As well as clearing and inspecting drains, we empty wastewater from septic tanks, clean water tanks and pump out flooded cellars. We can also take care of the work involved in decommissioning oil tanks.

For the Horeca sector

Do you need the services of drain cleaning and emptying professionals to unblock sinks, drain a grease separator and/or deep-clean your equipment? Whether your job is urgent or preventive, the teams at La Vidange Loiseau are ready to help.

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You can avoid the need to unblock toilets by using enough water to flush and not disposing of anything other than toilet paper in the bowl.

A strainer in the plughole stops food waste (kitchen) and hair (bathroom) entering the waste pipe, avoiding the need to unblock the shower, bath or kitchen sink.

Your pipes may be blocked if you notice bad smells, rising water, gargling in the pipes when water is evacuated or staining of rainwater.

Make sure you don't dispose of fatty waste in your drains. The fat hardens when it cools, making drain cleaning or clearing essential.

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